Below is a list of our services we offer. If you would like a custom quote, please feel free to contact us or create an account. Thank you. 



Overnights stay include, but are not limited to the following:

Scheduled feedings.

Scheduled Walks.

Scheduled Medications (if needed).

Sitter will be in your home over night.

Sitter will be at your home through out the day, but will have drop-ins and walks to attend to through out the day. 

Sitter will stick as close to the pet's normal routine as possible. 

Pictures and/or short clips of your fur baby. 

***Note: If you want the sitter to stay in your home 24 hours consistently and not take other walks or drop-ins during the duration of the stay, there is an additional fee of $20/day.

Drop In Visits

Drop-In Visits include:

30 minute visit with your pet.

Let out in the yard (if fenced) or walk in the yard.

Feeding if needed at the time booked. 

Water refreshed.

Snuggles and Loves.

Pictures and/or short clips of your fur baby. 

***Note: This is a 30 minute drop-in at the home. If your pet needs a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, please book a Walk Visit in addition to a drop-in. 

Walk Visit

Walk Visits Include:

Minimum 20 minute walk with your pet, (up to 30 minutes).

Water breaks. 

Feeding if scheduled at the time.

Pictures and/or short clips of your fur baby. 

***Note: If you know your pet will need more than 30 minutes for walk and feed, please purchase additional time.

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